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My name is Stephen Ketchum. I am a Concept Illustrator, Character Artist, & Graphic Designer with 10+ years of experience specializing in interactive design and themed experiences. With design experience at The Walt Disney Company and Universal Creative, my associations also include being a member of SLICE Creative Network and Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). I firmly believe that my unique skills set, work ethics, peer collaboration ability, and the passion to excel can provide success in any project environment.


I have complete expertise in the entire Adobe suite; as well as, substantial experience in Maya, 3ds MAX, CAD. I am further expanding my skills into digital and rendering programs such as Vue, Zbrush, Unreal Engine, and Vray. I have additionally created several projects utilizing Nuke6, along with other compositing and color correction programs.


I am creative by heart; which has always been one of the driving factors for me. I love to create and design new things. Offering the best creative solution to a project is something I have always been really good at, especially in a collaborative brainstorming forum. My passion is all about creating intuitive stories and environments for guests to become immersed in and explore. This is shown all within my incredible attention to through detail and creativity. I also know the importance of properly balancing the desired ideal of a project and pairing them with

the cost efficient and functional design formats. I consistently drive for conceptualizing new ideas that would be both visually appealing and intriguing to the target audience; but at the same time mirror any specific company or IP branding.

I possess the desired qualifications, while exceeding beyond the responsibilities and duties of any creative position. I am able to develop, cohesively design, and present rendered projects that showcase a competent understanding of communicable content, layout, and creative standards. With all the while, following the guidelines and technical requirements that would be given.


I have references available upon request and am happy to provide any additional show piece, materials, or other information as needed. I would appreciate your consideration and can be reached at any time either via email at or by phone at 219.406.3402. Thank you for your time!



Stephen Ketchum

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